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    Buying From An Internet Retailer

    Primo Grills and Smokers would like to make our valued consumers aware of a few items concerning purchase of a Primo Grill from an internet retailer.

    1. Internet retailers rarely if ever are able to offer the same services as your local dealer. i.e. delivery and setup.

    2. Primo does not process freight claims for any internet retailer.

    Now I know this sounds a little daunting but overall these transactions go very smoothly if you will follow the guidelines provided. The problem can be that YOU the customer may not have been 100% prepared to receive the grill. The following is the exact procedure to follow when receiving your new Primo Grill and Smoker from the trucking company. Yes all shipments must come commom carrier.

    1. Get the name of the freight company your vendor used for the shipment. Also ask for the pro number/tracking number from your vendor as well. Call the company to arrange for delivery of your shipment and make sure your grill is coming on a lift gate truck unless you have a loading dock.

    2. Delivery Day. Make 100% sure you are home to receive your grill. Your grill will come packaged in a heavy duty cardboard box except for the kamado. It will be packed on a wooden pallet with wooden sides and injected foam cushioning. Once the freight is unloaded and hopefully rolled into your garage or a secure area you need to begin inspection. Note: The trucking company is only responsible to deliver the freight to your driveway. Most of them are willing to go a little further but it's best to be prepared to move the unit on your own.

    3. Inspection Time. This is the most critical part of this whole process. DO NOT SIGN THE TICKET UNTIL YOU ARE 100% SURE YOUR GRILL IS NOT DAMAGED PERIOD. Open the crate or box and thoroughly examine each and every part of the grill. If there is any damage to the ceramic refuse the shipment. Check the firebox, the outer shell, everything. The shipping company has insurance to cover their losses if the unit is broken. Once you are 100% satisfied there is no damage sign the drivers ticket and let him leave. You are not obligated to keep any damaged freight nor are you subject to any time limitations for inspection. Primo is in no way responsible for replacing any broken part for a grill that was signed for that has freight damage. Most cases of damage are on the bottom of the unit and around the area where the bottom vent door is located.

    4. Time to install. Once you are ready to install your unit into a cradle or table please follow these guidelines. Use 2 or more people for all lifts. Remove all internal parts before lifting. When internal parts are removed from the grill the grill will be a little top heavy. Don't let it turn over. Place ceramic shoes underneath the unit unless you are installing it into a Primo cradle or cart. To lift the unit one person goes through the front inside of the bottom shell and uses the bottom vent hole to lift(keep your fingers on the ledge of the vent opening). This person also needs to let the handle rest on his shoulder. Resting the handle on your shoulder keeps the persons hands on the back side from getting pinched. The person at the rear of the grill grasps the bottom shell on either side of the hinge. DO NOT LIFT THE UNIT BY THE ACTUAL HINGE. Your fingers go to the inside of the grill and thumbs on the outside. You pinch the ceramic. Make sure your table or cradle is close by. Lower the unit into the opening. If lowering into a table use some cardboard on the table top to set the grill onto if needed before lowering the unit into the hole. Carefully replace internal parts. Remember the unit is a little top heavy especially in the cradle before the internal parts are put back. Now you are done. Watch the users DVD that comes with you unit before your 1st use.
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