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Sewer Jetters For Sale

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It also includes a 30-foot flexible hose, four nozzles, and is backed by Generac_s generous 3-year limited warranty. We carry a full line of nozzles and replacement hoses, as well as optional accessories to help you with your work. MyTana delivers with machines built with the highest quality components. Warranty and Repair All products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase.

I think the iron had settled for too long and hardened to a point of no return. It did an excellent job cleaning the drain that still works, however. So overall, I found the product to work great for preventive maintenance and cleaning working drain tile. I dropped one star because it did not unclog my clogged drain.

You_re investing a good chunk of change on this machine. We_re listing some good troubleshooting tips below for your reference.

My wash machine drain slows to a crawl at least once every year. I usually pay a plumber about $100 every year to snake the drain clear of the buildup. Powerful results both in cleaning and forward jetting. Great to find that some products out there are a surprise on the upside. I hooked the 50' hose up to a craftsman 2.8 gpm 2800 psi unit.

The use of plastics throughout gives this machine a less-than-premium build quality, with some components even feeling flimsy. The placement of the detergent hose is less than ideal and may become excessively hot with prolonged use. While a lightweight machine is great for maneuverability, the power provided may cause the unit to vibrate while in use. This may cause components to loosen over time, and as such, you should carefully inspect your SpeedWash before usage. Its wide variety of accessories allows the SpeedWash 7122 to readily handle pretty much any project you can throw at it.

Remember that adding gas, water, and oil will increase the listed weight. If you_re tall _ look for washers with fold-down handles that will extend far enough so you don_t have to bend over every time you move the machine.

Beyond that, most cable machine and jetter repairs can be completed in the field. For more information see the Warranty and Repair page. This in effect gives your customer the best jetting value for the dollar-leaving their pipes/sewers cleaner than any other process. Whether you_re up against grease, sand, sludge, or ice, there_s a General plumbing jetter nozzle that will cut through it. The JM-2900 is an economical alternative to larger jetters.

Use the right oil _ Normal 30W oil sold for automobiles can be bad for pressure washers. You need small, air-cooled engine oil, so make sure you_re using the right thing and not just grabbing whatever you put in your truck. When we researched customer experiences, we gathered up a lot of useful real-world tips for troubleshooting problems that may arise with your pressure washer.

If you have many kinds of surfaces to clean _ look for machines with several different nozzles, adjustable pressure, and attachments included. Its revised frame features a durable yet compact design and was redesigned with mobility in mind. It features three quick-connect nozzles for enhanced cleaning, made a post 25_ non-marring flexible hose, and is protected by a one-year limited warranty. Users appreciate the variety offered by the adjustable pressure dial and quick-connect nozzles, allowing them to tackle pretty much any residential task as efficiently as possible. People also appreciate how quickly the Stanley engine starts up, generally within just one or two pulls.

You will be able to cut grass and small plant roots but tree roots you will want a different nozzle and probably a bigger washer. Root cutter nozzles require 8gpm but a warthog nozzle will improve your ability. The Warthog nozzle has a price of $475 and we are currently taking phone order on it.

Remove your gun/wand and attach the provided ball valve jumper hose and hose reel. Versatile- Power wash package and chemical injector system cleans cables, tools, and other heavily soiled equipment. Complete- With the Model KJ-3100_s removable hose reel, there is no need to purchase expensive portable hose reels. Standard packages come equipped to handle indoor and remote applications. If you_ve yet to add a jetter to your tool arsenal, here_s a breakdown of the basics to get you started in the purchasing process.

New machines can have loose metal shavings that will come off in the oil, and you don_t want too many accumulating and running through the engine. Post-op care _ When you_re finished , 7 gpm pressure washer don_t just turn off the machine and stick it in the garage. Take the pump hose off and inject some pump saver to protect the inner workings of the pump. You just attach it on the inlet side and spray the can until it comes out the high-pressure hose side. If you have back trouble _ look for a lightweight machine.

We live just north of New Orleans, where winters rarely get below the mid-40s in temp. I keep it in the attached garage where it never gets that cold. Be mindful of hoses when moving the washer _ If they_re long and tend to get in the way, hold both inlet and high-pressure hoses near the washer handle when you_re moving the machine. This will prevent running over hoses or getting them tangled. Change that oil _ After every 10 to 20 hours of use , industrial electric hot water pressure washer change both the engine and pump oil.

I used the 50' Needle Nose Cleaner to remove residue from the black and Steam and Pressure washer gray holding tanks on an RV. I am very satisfied with the results, the quality of the hose, nozzle and the affordable price. I didn't have very high expectations for this product to work in the corrugated tile.

It_s lighter and more maneuverable, yet maintains the same pressure and flow rate of its big brothers. Jetter technology hasn_t changed considerably over the years _ the biggest changes have come with the pumps and the nozzles.

However, with some persuasion it pulled itself about 40' through the tile and tile is now taking water again! This thing has amazing pull power - very impressed with it. Connect the other end of the jumper hose to the end of the jetter hose.