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Pressure Washer Technology

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There have been quite a few different types of achievements, technologically, during the years _ pressure washers included. Besides computers working faster and more capably, we have also seen TVs becoming bigger but thinner. A different type of device available to you that has been much improved - it is called high pressure washer or power washer.

Unimanix brand pressure washers are a great addition to any tool inventory. The majority of washers overpower the common garden hose by at least 15 times in water pressure. This means that the high pressure washer that you can buy today will allow you to easily perform pressure cleaning on things such as cars, lawn furniture, sidewalks, sides of houses, or even planes. High pressure cleaners also save huge amounts of water in comparison to an ordinary water hose used to perform the same sorts of tasks. Depending upon your requirements, pressure washers range in cost from one hundred to over a thousand dollars for these powerful high pressure cleaners. For business use, there are two popular kinds of power washer, electric and gasoline/diesel. The electric models are not so robust, however, they require less maintenance, and are simpler to store. For the majority of jobs, the gas or diesel powered pressure washer is still the most desired choice for pressure cleaning, especially for heavy-duty commercial application. Keep looking at our Unimanix website and the article below in order to figure out which models are best suited for the type of high pressure cleaners you may be interested in.

All sorts of new technologies and mechanical modifications are now offered by companies which create pressure washers. A power washer is a lot more efficient when cleaning, and it has features that will make the process of pressure cleaning much easier, especially for commercial and industrial applications.

So, what do the new pressure washers offer, in terms of technologies?

Pressure Washer Main Features

Some of the features you can expect in today_s high pressure washer includes tri-mode functionality, automatic shutdown, super high steam temperature, and loss flow technology.

The best feature that has been integrated into pressure washers in the last few years has to be the automatic shutdown feature. This feature helps to reduce everyday stress on the most important parts of the machine so that it will keep working longer.

Among many other features, the industrial pressure washer line offers the multi-mode function. For this reason, and others, it is one of the best on the market. Another cool feature is that today_s high pressure washer can deliver high pressure water at various temperatures. It can deliver hot or cold water, or steam at high pressure to clean a wide variety of surfaces. Many types of grime including dust, dirt, and stains, can be washed off with high pressure; however, Unimanix add to that mix hot water or steam and you have a real high powered pressure cleaning machine on your hands.

The pump is normally powered by a propane or gas engine built right onto the pressure washer. There are electric motors in a few. Reviewers don_t actually agree upon the best model in the $300, consumer grade range of electric pressure washers. Basically, all the choices (Cambell, Husky, and Karcher) get less than wonderful reviews. For light duty work an electric power washer will do the job, but for heavy cleaning or heavy use you_re going to want to explore gasoline high pressure cleaners, electric hot water pressure washer or Unimanix industrial-grade power washers.

Gas or electric, the machines are quite simple. The high pressure washer has a trigger that allows water to escape through hose connected to the machine. Employ the trigger when turning on a pressure washer machine to make the flow_s output cease. Although, even without any water output, the motor and pump will remain on in pressure washers that are conventional. This is the reason why you must turn off the machine each time you take a break as this will create wear and tear.

Picture now walking to and from the power washer only turn it on and off. Imagine trying perform a pressure cleaning job on a large building with a bunch of long hoses. This can be a real time waster, and professional pressure washer cause much inconvenience for you.

Pressure Washer Automatic Shutdown Technology

The best thing to do is get a pressure washer that offers automatic shutdown technology. When the machine is not used for more than 30 seconds, it will shut off automatically, but otherwise works the same as a conventional pressure washer. The device will restart automatically, though, if you squeeze the trigger once more.

Since the high pressure washer can be temporarily turned off by the automatic shutdown technology. The power washer_s operational life will be extended from the reduction of wear and tear on its motors and pumps.

Almost all pressure washers today include either auto shut-off or some similar technology that simulates automatic shutdown. Make sure you purchase a high pressure washer with this type of technology. Unimanix high-quality, industrial-grade power washers will be an excellent choice for any type of work you need.