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What form builder should I use?

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Hey guys,I'm running a small marketing agency, working with the local construction, real-estate companies and some local family-businesses. We build websites, generate leads, do marketing automation stuff and social media.

When it comes to tools, we've been using WP and Squarespace to build sites, Mailchimp for newsletters, and Buffer for social media scheduling. One area where we can't find anything that'd work for us is building forms. We'd previously tried Typeform, but it wasn't customizable enough for our needs, all the forms looked same and generic. Then we gave a shot at Jotform, but those were pretty ugly and the interface was confusing.

Any recommendations? Our requirements are quite simple: the forms should be easy to customize, embed, integrate with other services (google sheets in particular) and accept payments. Thank you all in advance!

P.S Thanks, everyone for responses, I never would think the question would pick up so much interest but it seems we are not the only one struggling. We gonna check everything proposed starting with paperfrom and gravityform
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  1. Wess3213's Avatar
    If you are looking to find the best tool for creating forms online, I would suggest you try The form maker tool that simplifies all your manual paper forms into digital.