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Does 2D animation have a future? And is it a reasonable career choice?

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The title says it all, does 2D animation have a future in the industry? In the next 10+ years will we be seeing much 2D animation at all? Is everything going 3D and if so is it reasonable to go to school for 2D animation and try to get a job in that field if that part of the industry is going extinct soon anyways? And how hard is it to get a job as a 2D animator vs a 3D animator. Im a senior in highschool and trying to figure out what to major in for next year. Thank you in advance!
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  1. Hytyt's Avatar
    It`s a common belief that freelancers charge less, but it`s also quite possible to order 3d renders and models from studious with big portfolios at a reasonable pricing. Just take a look at how these guys texture 3d models. Also there is a handful of articles on animation and post-production on their website, which can be usefull for freelancers.