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Scarlett Jenkinson wanted part of Brianna Ghey's flesh as 'token'

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Scarlett Jenkinson wanted to keep part of Brianna Ghey's flesh as a token and said she was 'excited' as she stabbed the schoolgirl to death, a court heard.

Jenkinson killed Brianna anticipating that she was going to leave her, and wanted part of her body so she would 'always be with her', prosecutor Deanna Heer KC said.

She also admitted an earlier incident when Brianna became ill came about in an attempt by her to poison her victim with pills.

Ms Heer said, in a further account of events to a probation officer, Jenkinson had said she and Eddie Ratcliffe deliberately lured Brianna to the park.

Ms Heer continued: 'On this occasion she said it was she who first inflicted stab wounds then passed it to Eddie who forced the victim to the floor, stabbing her about three times, at that point she took the knife and delivered the majority of stab wounds.

Jenkinson was moved to Brianna Ghey's school after being expelled from another comprehensive for trying to 'poison' a fellow pupil with cannabis sweets.

Until her arrest on February 12 for the murder of Brianna, Jenkinson seemed to be an ordinary teenage girl.

The then-15-year-old was seen by neighbours as quiet and somewhat anxious, born to 'hard-working' parents - a tradesman father and a mother who worked in education.

Face of a killer: Scarlett Jenkinson was today named for the first time today

Scarlett Jenkinson, previously known only as Girl X, was convicted of Brianna's murder and admitted to being obsessed with serial killers and torture videos

But behind the façade lay obsessions with torture and murder, dark fantasies and expert knowledge on serial killers - knowledge Jenkinson would draw on to build up her own 'kill list' of other children and ultimately plot Brianna's death.

The teenager had already been expelled from 'several' schools by the time she joined Birchwood Community High in Warrington, Cheshire.

And today, as Jenkinson is revealed as Girl X, it can be revealed that she was most recently expelled for attempting to poison a fellow pupil with cannabis 'gummies' which made them ill.

Jenkinson persuaded the girl to take two of the sweets, which unknown to her were laced with marijuana, in Culcheth High School's library - but the pupil became seriously unwell and needed hospital treatment after the attack in October 2022.

The teenager was excluded, and moved to nearby Birchwood High School, where she met Brianna in the 'inclusion unit,' where vulnerable and troubled pupils are taught away from mainstream lessons.

Brianna was stabbed to death 28 times with a hunting knife on February 11, suffering 'unsurvivable' injuries

Today Eddie Ratcliffe, a former champion kickboxer, can be revealed as Boy Y

Brianna was in the unit because of her struggles with anxiety and Jenkinson because of her expulsion.

'When [Jenkinson] was arrested I just thought it had to be a mistake. She was never any trouble. I never so much as saw her drop a piece of litter,' one neighbour said.

But the Mail understands Warrington Borough Council have launched an independent child safeguarding review following Brianna's murder, which will examine Jenkinson's interaction with key agencies, including the police, social services and schools.

It has been claimed Brianna's school were unaware of the extent of Jenkinson's behaviour, including the fact that a child did not know what they were taking, that she became unwell and that the police were called.

Headteacher Emma Mills said: 'If anything came up where we thought that it would be a danger in any way, then you can simply refuse. In Scarlett's case there was nothing that raised a concern in terms of the information that we were given.'

The father of a pupil at Culcheth High said his daughter was lucky to be alive after she refused to take the drug sweets from Jenkinson.

He said: 'There was a massive incident at the high school and Scarlett Jenkinson got expelled.

'Listening to the murder trial has been absolutely horrific. When she tried to poison my daughter I thought I was overreacting thinking it was attempted murder - you never think a child of 15 would want to do that to another kid.

'She tried to give two (cannabis G7 Plus Green Gummies Erfahrungen) to my daughter, but she didn't take them (and) one of the other girls in the library did. She ended up in A&E.'

Another former pupil said Jenkinson would turn up to lessons with red eyes, high on 'substances and stuff' and 'smelling of weed.'

Behind the façade lay obsessions with torture and murder, dark fantasies and expert knowledge on serial killers - knowledge Jenkinson would draw on to build up her own 'kill list' of other children and ultimately plot Brianna's death

'Timid' Brianna's body was found face-down in the mud in a Cheshire village on February 11

Brianna suffered stab wounds to her head, neck, chest, back and sides

In a frenzied attack, Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, both 15 at the time, stabbed Brianna with a hunting knife

During the trial the jury were told that Jenkinson lured Brianna to the park on the pretence that they would take cocaine together.

The father described Jenkinson as 'manipulative' and also claimed she was known for bullying other children. She also played truant so she could stay at home and watch horror films, he said.