Welcome to the world of Primo ceramic cooking!!! You are in for years and years of great fun, food and camaraderie with other Primo Grill owners.

This forum is for the use and enjoyment of enthusiasts of outdoor cooking with Primo Grills.

It is available for questions, comments or other subjects related to Primo Grills and Smokers Company products or ceramic cooking in general. Primo is not responsible for the contents, comments and/or opinions expressed in this user forum.

As with any expensive high-end product, aside from the owners manual there are a few things you should know about.

If you are receiving your Primo Grill & Smoker by common carrier (UPS or any other trucking company).........PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING LINK FROM PRIMO.

Buying from an Internet Retailer

If a registration card did not come with your grill, then please GO HERE and register your grill. That way, just in case a mishap does happen, you will be covered under Primo’s excellent grill warranty.

Occasionally during the normal course of shipping and handling, the nuts and bolts on your Primo Grill may loosen slightly. Before you use your grill I suggest tightening all the nuts and bolts to prevent any bad experiences down the road. For routine preventative maintenance, I recheck the tightness of the nuts and bolts every time I change the oil in my car.

More than likely the thermometer on your grill was manufactured at a different altitude than where your grill is now setting. It's a good idea to 'calibrate' your thermometer in boiling water before first use. Here are the instructions for calibrating your Primo thermometer

Does my Primo Grill & Smoker need 'breaking in'? No, it does not need breaking in. However, it is suggested that you start with something simple…like a whole chicken, for instance, to get used to adjusting your vents for temperature control.

It does not take a rocket scientist to learn how to cook on your new Primo grill, but there is just a small learning curve. We suggest reading this link on charcoal and vent settings before you start. There are many ways to set up and cook on your Primo, but the above is just basic and eventually you will figure out your own method.

Here is another good link on Low and Slow Temperature management.

Over time your grill may acquire what looks like 'spider webbing'. This is called "crazing" and is a natural occurrence in ceramic glazes and nothing to worry about.

We suggest using the ”SEARCH” button towards the top right of the forum page for more FAQ's, recipes, tips & tricks and general all around questions.

This forum is not designed to be a vehicle for the resolution of warranty claims by owners of Primo products or for the discussion of technical issues regarding the grill, nor does Primo use this forum to gather recommendations or criticism on their products. We are just the choir and sing to each other

Discussion of technical issues regarding the Primo products can be directed to the Primo factory by calling them at 770-729-1110, via e-mail admin@primogrill.com or by using the Contact the Primo Factory link below.

If you have a Customer Service issue to discuss with the Primo Factory

Good luck and have fun!!