I don't think one person was satisfied with the old message board, although, it did it's job well. It brought a lot of people together with common interests for the purpose of sharing information and ideas. This new Primo forum has everything we all have wanted and needed, and more.

A lot of work went into building this site. Once it was built and added to it's own domain primogrillforum.com, we contacted the Primo people, George and Kevin, and invited them to look it over and decide if they were interested in seeing it connected to the fine line of Primo products. They liked it, but we knew they would.

Brian, the (Smoking Brain), is the brains behind the curtain. This wouldn't be here if not for him. Ken K has a lot of experience with these forums and the codes that make them work. I have a working knowledge of admin features from my involvement with these two guys on another site.

We have Moderators, and will create a few more as we go. By keeping eyes on the forum as much as possible, spammers and trolls should be kept at bay. The other site we administer has not had a single case of spammers getting through, and what few trolls we have had were easily dealt with, some are still members and play nice now.

To say we are proud of the new site is an understatement. Opening day is Tuesday, September 4, 2007, the day after Labor Day Monday. We hope you all enjoy the new home. Feel free to jump on the furniture and run in the halls. Enjoy it everyone.

The following is a summary of the features and benefits that the new forum has for its members.
  • Forums – A multitude of message boards or forums have been created in an effort to provide a quick and easy method for the users to locate topics of interest. They range from general discussions, tips, techniques and technical issues to a complete categorized range of user posted recipes.
  • Pictures – Users will have the ability to upload and post pictures related to the use of Primo products. As has been seen in the current forum, these will range from pictures of food to outdoor kitchens created by the members. This is a popular feature in many forums today and will quickly be appreciated by the members.
  • Security – No longer will a member’s e-mail address and IP address be displayed for all to see. This will eliminate any hesitancy of a member to join in on the discussions without fear of being the target of spammers.
  • Private Messaging – This popular feature allows members to send private messages to any member or members of their choice without having their discussions being available for all to see.
  • Calendar – The calendar feature lets members post information about upcoming functions that may be of interest to others. This will be good for posting information for cooking competitions and other gatherings for people with common interests. There is also a feature that will allow a member to be sent a reminder message about an item posted on the calendar.
  • Viewing preferences – A member will be able to view the board in several different manners. It can be set by the user to view last post first, first post first post first or threaded. Each member can set this at their own discretion and to suit their own tastes.
  • Recent Posts – The board will allow a user to quickly find the most recent posts and threads as well as the ability to view all posts since their last visit.
  • Fast Navigation and Posting – Unlike the current forum, there is very little time delay between posts, threads and other features on the board.
  • Member Listings – Members will be allowed to quickly view a member listing as well as any personal information that a member chooses to provide.
  • Archives – One of the most common complaints that we have seen on the old style forum is that the posts drop off the list after a certain amount of time. That, coupled to the fact that the same questions seem to be posted with some frequency. This new forum will archive all posts and any thread or post can be ‘brought back to life’ so to speak just by making a reply to the subject thread.
  • Search – The board will allow a member to search the forums or photo gallery using keywords. They can also search for all posts by a certain member.
  • Edit – The forum allows a member to edit their own post if desired. When a member edits their post, an ‘edited by’ comment is automatically added to their post along with the reason for the edit.
  • Fun Stuff – A member will have the ability to select their font type, colors and font style allowing them to be more expressive in their posts. Smilies are also available to add even more expression.
  • Useful Links – Links to off-site websites of interest will be available for the members to post and use.
  • Classified Ads – Members will have the opportunity to post items related to outdoor cooking for sale or trade.