Greetings. I've been lurking here and at another forum after making the decision to buy a ceramic cooker. Based on the great information I read here, other research and talking with dealers, I made the decision to buy a Primo XL. I can't be more pleased with my decision. The way the XL looks, cooks and Primo's wonderful customer support create on heck of a customer experience. One additional kudo was that it is American made. The nearest dealer from my home is over 200 miles which required me to truck the XL in. Upon uncrating my cooker I discovered some slight problems. I called Primo customer service and reported my concerns. The lady requested me to send in some photos and that they would take a look. I was informed that the problems did not physically interfere with the function of the cooker, but did cause cosmetic problems so go ahead and cook with it, which I have been doing with gusto. Last week Primo C.S. informed me that they were sending out a replacement for the damaged piece. Today's arrival just put more icing on the Happy Customer Cake. Primo's superior customer care and great products will keep them smokin' for years to come and I'll be one of the first to spread the word.

Thanks for all of the information and your assistance in steering me the right way.