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    Cool Just how tough is a Primo? And Customer Service kudos

    Cooking pizza a month back, I was turning my pizza when I had a small problem...
    The bottom band slipped off of the bottom of the grill and allowed the lid and hinge to go tumbling off the back... DOH!!!

    When I went to check on the lid, I was surprised to see that it only had a small chip out of the back...

    Not bad for an eight foot drop onto the summer baked GA Clay... Simply amazing testament to the quality of this fine American made product!!!

    I contacted Primo customer service and explained what had happened to Shevaughn (spelling??? Sorry) I expected that it'd be just a new lid and band.... Nope!!! I already had a cracked firebox and it was replaced as well...

    Well I had to wait for my new grill to be fired... And it was about a week later, it was ready...
    I decided to drive up since it's only about 70 miles, just had to wait to combine with another trip as it's on the opposite side of a Atlanta....

    The customer service is absolutely amazing!!!
    That's what drew me to Primo over other ceramic grills...
    Built right here in America!!!

    I was shocked at how smooth and easy the whole process went...
    I've always loved the Primo, but am happy to report the people are
    Even better!!! This type of standing behind their product and the
    Pleasant dealing with everyone from the front office to the loading
    Dock were all Aces!!!

    Now to go put it all together.... Then get it dirty...
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