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    + 5 months and going strong

    Well, is been about 5 months, give or take a week or so.

    I am a Primo addict and me Mongo.
    Yeah, yeah... I like my Primo.
    The thing is, I have and had some good grills and smokers in the past
    The Primo can do all of you're cooking needs for the rest of your life.
    Ok, I know some of you are say'n, "What The Heck!".... Sorry
    It's true! The Primo Oval can do everything.! Smoke, Grill, and it can be a charcoal crock pot cooker too. You can use cast iron pots and pans for your everyday food cooking needs. Breakfast, lunch and supper, all in one cooker.
    It is logical to have a universal cooker that can do it all rather than many grills that take up valuable patio space.
    Now for the $$$ statement Yes! I would do it again.
    If you are waffling on you decision to buy a Primo or not to buy, just do it!
    If not... well, you know how you will feal.
    Oh, the customer service is great too!

    Just my
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