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    XL 400 - One Month ON

    I received my Primo in June. Having years of experience cooking with open fire and closed systems I though I had seen it all.

    Along with the Primo I bought a Flame Boss controller.

    First cook was a simple chicken, worked fine. Next cook 6 Racks of Baby Ribs, also fine in a 5 hour controlled cook using the flame boss. While I normally cook Pork Shoulders on a Rotisserie, at 2:00PM on Friday I loaded my XL with local lump coal, dusted a skinless shoulder with rub, set the pit temp to 200 degrees and ignored the cook until 2:00PM on Saturday. I did glance at the pit temp a few times and it was always within 5 degrees of the set temp.

    When I removed to exquisitely cooked 8 pound shoulder Saturday afternoon, not only had the pit temp maintained the set temp for 24 hours but there were plenty of unconsumed coals in the fire box.

    I'm going to do some fine tuning but believe me, this grill is amazing. Calling it a grill is not really a good term, nor is calling it a smoker. It is unique.
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