My new XL 400 is a beast! It's big and very heavy!
I went from the Weber WSM and the 22" One Touch Gold Kettle to the Primo XL400.

1st thing you will need a a big guy to help unload the Primo because it's freak'n heavy. We had a 4 wheel hand truck to transport the XL to the back yard.
I also assemble the metal cart with SS shelves. I used a 3 ton low prophile jack and a flat piece of wood to to lift the XL on to the carts 2nd shelf. Then I completed the assembly by installing the top section and the shelves.
The apearence is awesome. The girth is obvious and can be observed while lifting the top dome. The attention to detail is seen throughout the grill. Fit form an finish are outstanding. I did a dry run to burn off any dust an to get accustom to setting the temp. After that I cooked a brisket for 12 hours.
Note: I carelessly set a cooking grate and a deflector on a side shelf and watched them fall to the cement patio. Sigh!
So now I have a bent grate and a shattered deflector. I used tinfoil to fill the gap of the lost deflector and straitened the bent grate.
All self induced issues aside, the cook went very well. The temp took a bit to rise to the target but when it was reached it was good for 12 hrs with only a tiny adjustment at about 10 hrs. The WSM would need many temp adjustments through out the cook.
Only after only one long cook, I can all ready see that I made the right choice.
No, let's eat