I would like to express my gratitude to Primo for there excellent warranty service. I purchased my XL in 2009 and have enjoyed it very much. Recently while using my primo I had an unfortunate experience, after checking the kabobs, I was unable to completely close the lid. I had cooked on it the day before and everything seemed normal. I had a full load of charcoal in the box and the temperature started climbing at which point I decided to try to loosen up the hinge bolts a 1/4 turn and see if I could free up the bind. This did not correct the issue and the temp had now climbed to 530*F, so wearing welding gloves with the lid lowered but not closed I decided to loosen the lower band which was twisted in the rear, this allowed the lid to rest on the base. I then unbolted the hinge and was able to get the lid centered on the base and stop the temperature from climbing and eventually extinguish the fire. Over the years and a lot of use. At some point the fire box cracked and had been that way for years. This did not affect the performance, there was also a hairline crack in the lower grill it self. This never grew and did not show on the inside of the grill. I then filled out the warranty form on their website explaining what happened and attached pictures. With in 2 days they sent me an email then called me. The warranty is for 20 years and excludes shipping which varies where you live but is cheaper if you can send it to a business. They sent me an upper & lower shell along with the fire box a band and hinge under warranty. They instructed me to use some light oil on the hinge bolts to prevent them seizing up. I have been busy this summer and the grill did not get used on a regular basis. You never know how the warranty is until you use it but Primo’s follows what is the owners manual states. I am back in business and getting the inside seasoned for the holidays. Thank You