I have had my Primo XL up and running for about 2 months. I previously used a propane smoker and Weber propane grill. I was a little bit intimidated by the Primo, but grilling has gone really well. I tried my first Boston butt for pulled pork last weekend. It's ridiculous how well the Primo holds it's temperature. I got a Maverick thermometer from Amazon the day before the smoke. I put the shoulder on the grill around 5 am. By 10 am, the Primo was holding temp so well that I went to the Home and Garden show in town (35 minutes away) with my wife. My 11 yo son was at home just in case things went bad. I was gone for 4 hours and the temp only varied by about 3 degrees. Results were awesome. I would have NEVER done that with my propane smoker. Anyway, just happy to have this grill/smoker.