I think the main difference between the physical differences in ceramic grills is summed up pretty well by FTP1000 in this photo. He made the comment that he thought he was going to have to break out his extended cooking racks for another layer of cooking surface, but his fish fit on the main grate, simply due to the SHAPE OF THE GRILL. So aside from the best customer service in the industry, the difference between the Oval and other ceramic grills is that the shape is more conducive for what we do with grills. Loading them up with cuts of meats.

So you can have this,,,,

or this if you are creative,

OR this.....

And offset cooking with a cooler side and a direct side if needed. Thanks Mr.RonGilbert.

8 racks of baby backs, and this method will benefit Round users too.

6 BIG racks of loin baby backs.

35-1/2 pound pig.


Primo Grills

The American-made Primo's oval shape is unique and a special advantage over all other kamado types. The oval is better than the round shape because it allows you to put coals on one side for a hot zone and leave the other side cooler. This technique, called 2-Zone or Indirect Cooking is a cornerstone of good grilling.

There are two models, the Jr. and the XL. Both have the oval shape, and a clever upper vent that is a pivoting, cast-iron disk. You can dial it for subtle air control, or you can move the entire vent cap aside to leave the vent wide open. The lower intake vent is a precision fitted stainless steel left-to-right slide allowing fingertip air control. This is new for 2011.

The left and right grates have legs on one side. With the legs up, you can cook an inch or two closer to the coals. Turn them over and put the legs down, and you can raise the grates those couple of inches. Two grates means you can cook on two different levels.

They both have an effective unyielding spring-loaded lid hinge that makes it easy to lift the heavy dome, a thick felt gasket for sealing the two halves, ceramic insulation, energy efficiency, easy cleanout, solid porcelain-coated steel grates, and a built-in dial thermometer in the dome that tells the temp in the dome, not on the grate where the food is. As always, we suggest getting your own, more accurate, digital grill thermometer.

There are plenty of accessories: Pizza stones, ceramic deflectors that keep grease off the fire as well as capturing and radiating the heat more evenly, a firebox divider for indirect cooking, extra racks that can give you as many as four different heights, rib racks, chicken "sitters", a cart, and more.

The optional table is a beautiful piece of work, allowing for a lot of prep work and side-cook items. If you prefer, there is a smaller, less expensive metal cart. It also comes with movable ceramic feet if you want it standing on its own. But that's the problem we have with the Primo. So much of what makes it great comes at additional cost. Even the ash hook, a useful tool for scraping ash in the bottom out through the lower damper, is extra.

We have only one major complaint: You can't lower the grates to directly above the coals for a better crunchy sear. Otherwise, this is an excellent example of American workmanship. Built to last many years, the ceramic has a 20-year limited warranty and the metal has a 5-year warranty. Care for it properly and this could be your best cooker for many years.

The Primo website has a user forum where owners can solve problems and exchange ideas.

Promo Oval Jr. This one is perfect if you appreciate quality and versatility and you live in a smallish spot with a smallish balcony or yard. At 95 pounds it has 210 square cooking inches on its primary surface. It has an optional extending rack that sits on the primary and extends your cooking surface to 360 square inches. With only the primary racks, it has enough space for a small turkey.

Primo Oval XL. This is the big brother and it is a very very nice cooker. It has everything that the little brother has, only more of it. It has heft (192 pounds) and 400 square inches of grate, comparable to the big Weber Kettles, but with Primo rack extensions can get up to 680 inches. - Scot Murphy

Naked Whiz's Review

And Primo makes better tent anchors too.