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How can I regulate the temperature on my Primo Smoker?

Temperature control is very easy and will quickly be learned by the new Primo owner. Obviously, if the Primo is allowed to build high temperatures by opening the lower and upper draft vents, it will take quite a while for all that mass of ceramic to lose that heat, so try not to overshoot your target grill temperature. A one inch opened bottom vent and a half inch top vent will normally let temps build to around 300 degrees. The heat buildup from a larger opened bottom vent can be controlled somewhat by a smaller opening in the top vent. Wide opened bottom and top vents will result in temps quickly going to 800 degrees or more. Very little foods need to be cooked that high.

Are there any accessories to help regulate temperature?

There are several neat devices that will monitor the grills cooking surface temp and the internal temp of the food. They have small fans which turn on and off as needed to maintain a constant temp. These devices, while not necessary, are quite neat and make a nice addition to your tools.

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