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The career of a psychologist is one of the most attractive and in demand at the moment. And also one of the most demanding when it comes to finding a job. That is why getting the best education is essential for professional practice with the best guarantees.

Best Universities to Study Psychology

Those who are thinking about studying a degree in psychology are probably wondering: “What are the best educational institutions for teaching this discipline?”

In the following lines you can find a list of the best universities for a second degree in psychology.

Other options for getting a second degree in psychology

For example, you can go to graduate school. With a specialized higher education, a student will be able to pass exams and undergo training. Also an excellent option would be advanced training (not more than six months). And another alternative to the second higher education is professional retraining, which takes an average of 5-6 months.

Where can you work with such an education

There are many branches of psychology focused on different areas of application and different goals. Although many people associate the figure of a psychologist with the figure of a psychotherapist (specialist in psychological therapy), there are many specialties in this discipline: sports psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, etc.

Marketing and consumer psychology

This industry is focused on meeting the needs of high performance gear companies. Simply put, of all branches of psychology, this specialization focuses on research aimed at creating attractive services and products for the client. Thus, she takes part in the creation of the marketing plan, advertising and product design.

It is a discipline that overlaps in many ways with what the media and advertising agencies have traditionally done, and so psychologists of this type work alongside professionals in these fields.

Psychology of organization and work

Organizational psychologists usually work in the HR departments of companies or may offer their services to agencies that specialize in recruiting, running training courses, creating more work dynamics, effective, etc.

Since the activities carried out within the organization are very diverse, this branch of psychology, in turn, has many aspects.
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