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Is it a good Idea to Buy a Villa in UAE Right Now?

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My Father is planning to buy a Villa right now in Dubai (To Live and stop renting). I am obviously not fond of the Idea but he feels it is the right move.

1- What is you your opinion Buying a Villa in UAE Right now.

2- Which areas would you suggest if you think it is a good idea.

Also, If anyone Is/knows someone who is selling a Villa and looking for a Buyer (Minimum 3 Bedroom/Washroom) Feel free to Send me a message.
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  1. Wess3213's Avatar
    The Apartment at al ghadeer village in Abu Dhabi is probably the most sought-after type of real estate investment. They appeal to investors and buyers alike. If you are looking for a One-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai, so you must be ready to jump whenever an opportunity arises. Cheer
  2. amirhosseinRN's Avatar
    Given that the income in the UAE is very good and they have a very good currency, I suggest you buy a villa for short trips or long life in the UAE! I do not know much about your second question, but you can get help from the alkhail website, which specializes in buying and selling real estate in the UAE. They have a 24-hour consultation.
    I hope u've got your answer.