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  1. Pressure Washer Tips - How to Use Them to Keep Your Home Clean

    Pressure washers utilize an electric motor or gas engine to power a water pump, which then forces the water in high pressure down a concentrating nozzle on hard surfaces like porches, driveways, hot water power washer decks, and patio tables. They allow you to clean all types of outdoor furniture, outdoor tables, deck railings, patios, and outdoor decks within the same time it takes to clean a bucket full of hot water and get a sponge brush wet.

    There are many reasons you may want ...
  2. What to Look For When Shopping For a Water Pressure Washer

    If you are looking for a good water pressure washing machine, it is highly advisable to consider purchasing one that comes with a heavy duty hot water dispenser. You can find these items in most hardware stores and are not difficult to locate if you know where to look.

    The primary function of the hot water dispenser is to save water so it can be used for washing. If the dispenser does not have sufficient ...