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  1. The Process of Electrostatic Coating

    The concept of electrostatic coating is a process for coating work pieces with electrostatic charged powder materials. In this process, the powder material is positively or negatively charged electrostatically. A thin layer of the powder material is deposited on the surface of a work piece in order to form a protective coating.

    Electrostatic spraying is the most common use of electrostatic coating. A low-pressure spray ...
  2. How Does an Electrostatic Fogger Work?

    ULV Fogger is used for treating various open spaces where the wrap around and horizontal surface effect of the Electrical Fogger is not needed. The fluid in the fluid container has a lower permeability. ULV droplets don't get too small in droplet shape to reach the proper penetration into cracks and crevices properly. This is why, the fluid will be injected under the concrete or the asphalt surface before it is sprayed.

    There are many advantages of ULV fogger over other types of Electrostatic ...
  3. Tips on Choosing the Best Backpack Sprayer Part

    Backpack sprayers are essential tools for invasive plant care (BOX 2). They are used to eliminate and control weed growth around gardens or in residential areas. There are several varieties and styles of backpack sprays on the market, so it is important to choose one that matches your particular needs.

    The most important essential part of a backpack sprayer is the nozzle. It should be capable of spraying an adequate amount of water and ...