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08-05-2014, 10:14 AM

I want to encourage our forum family to enter the current contest. It is for "Primo owners only". You do not have to be an author or an English major to write a great story. We are looking for testimonials about why you like to cook outdoors, what you used before buying a Primo, why you chose Primo, and what you would say to anyone thinking about buying a ceramic grill.

Grand Prize: Oval XL, Cart, Heat Deflectors with Racks, Grill Cover and Ash Tool
First Place: Primo Oval Large, Cart, Heat Deflectors with Racks, Grill Cover and Ash Tool
Second Place: Kamado All-in-One, Heat Deflector and Grill Cover
Grand Prize through Tenth Place: Primo Apparel Pack

The contest began May 1, 2014 and ends November 1, 2014.

Here is an example from djldoc in the Testimonials section of the Primo Forum:
"I can honestly say that I am blown away by the food that has come off my primo. My grilling obsession began years ago with a gasser (outdoor oven as I now refer to them) and has steadily grown with the addition of multiple cookers of all shapes and sizes. I have owned, cooked on, or eaten food off of stick burners, gassers, pellet smokers, kettles, WSMs, open pits, UDSs, and probably some others that I just cant think of at this time. My personal preference was always the webber kettle, (I owned all sizes, eventually graduating to the 26.75), which fed many a person over the years, and always received high praise, producing quality, consistent food with every cook. Recently, I was hearing more and more about ceramic grills, and after researching for quite a while, I knew I wanted a Primo xl. From everything I read, It seemed as though the quality of food, craftsmanship, etc was pretty equal across the board on all the mainstream cookers. It was the versatility of the pimo xl that ultimately sold me. I have had the opportunity to cook a brisket, spare ribs, split chicken breasts, burgers, steaks, grilled pears with gorgonzola, asparagus, and a couple other veggies on my new grill. I am amazed by the ease of use, consistency of the food, and mostly by the moisture content of the food. My food was always moist, but there was a noticeable difference on the primo. I used all the same seasonings, techniques, etc., and improved upon something that I thought was pretty good to begin with in the first place. If anyone is debating on whether or not it is worth it, just go get one."

For More Details and to Enter (http://www.primogrill.com/index.php/i-am-primo-story-contest)