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03-28-2014, 08:13 AM
Primo is developing new marketing materials for use online and in print. We would like to give our forum members an opportunity to be a part of the process, see their photography in the new materials, and get a Primo Pack with apparel and other Primo goodies. We are looking for high quality photographs of food cooked on a Primo Ceramic Grill.

The idea came about as we were selecting photographs for upcoming marketing pieces, and the decision was made that every food photo MUST be of food cooked on a Primo. I have been very impressed with the photography in the "What's Cookin'" section and other sections in the forum. We are interested in a wide range of food and cooking methods (e.g. bread, pizza, ribs, brisket, casserole, stew, baked, grilled, roasted, smoked, etc.). In essence, food photography that shows the cooking versatility of a Primo Grill.

Here is How it Works:

Send us one or more photos to Primo Marketing (mailto: marketing@primogrill.com?subject=Photo Submission from Primo Forum) with the subject line "Photo Submission".
Include the type of food, Primo Grill used, your name, and the year you became a Primo owner.
If your photo(s) is selected, a description and credit line will be added to the photo (e.g. Ribeye steaks seared on a Primo Oval XL. Photo courtesy David Parker, Primo owner since 2006.). If you prefer not to have your name used, we will only use a description. Also, we'll send you a Primo Pack with apparel and other goodies for helping us. We will contact you by email to get your shirt size and mailing address.
Photographs must be high quality (highest resolution, good lighting, focus and composition, landscape format only) and they should show fully cooked food on a Primo Grill or plated.
All food must have been cooked on a Primo Grill.
Photographs taken prior to this request are valid for submission.
By submitting a photo(s), you give Primo permission to use the photo(s) for the purpose of marketing and promoting Primo Grills and Accessories.

One of our needs right now is a great photo of an apple pie.

Another need beyond the food photos is a photo of the first Primo Grill that was produced in 1996. We would be happy to send Primo Pack for this as well without a credit line.

If you have any questions, please use the email in this post to contact me.

Thank you from everyone at Primo.